Your First React Native App

React Native is a super cool way to build cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript and — you guessed it — React. In this course, we'll build an app called ThreeThings and learn a ton about React Native along the way.

Some JavaScript experience is recommended, but you don't have to know React — because I don't.


1. Demo


Take a sneak peek about what we'll be building.


2. Creating a New App


Let's use create-react-native-app globally using npm or yarn to install a new app called ThreeThings. Check out the code for this lesson


3. Adding the Form


We'll use the Text and TextInput components to scaffold out a form for our app. Check out the code for this lesson.

4. Input Behavior


Our inputs are on the screen, but navigating between them with the native OS keyboard is a bit cumbersome. As it turns out, a little work is required on our part to tell React Native about the sequential order of our inputs.

5. That Annoying Keyboard


Ugh why is the keyboard in the way?! Let's find out how to fix it.

6. Persisting Data to Storage


In order to save our form data, we need a storage device! This is where AsyncStorage will come in handy. Let's add it to our project to persist our data.

7. Fetching Stored Data


We have data in storage - now let's grab it! We'll start by populating our existing form fields with data.

8. Creating a Date Component


Let's build a component that shows the current date and import it into our app.

In Development

This course is still in development.

I'll be adding new stuff to this course soon. Check back to see new lessons as they are posted!

When can I watch something new?

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