; About Full-Stack Fundamentals
About Full-Stack Fundamentals

Full-Stack Fundamentals was started in 2018 by Josh Larson (that's me).

I've always enjoyed teaching people new skills. Not only do I get the awesome feeling of helping someone learn something new; I get to learn more about the thing I'm teaching!

About Me

I've had a decade of web development experience. But I haven't always been a web developer. I really enjoyed video production and writing in high school, so I went to Iowa State University to study journalism — the closest I could come to video production work.

But I also had an interest in computers. Besides taking some computer science courses in college, I got a part-time job at a university office maintaining their PHP website. For some reason, they trusted me to build a lot of cool things for them - including a searchable database for scholarships and an office-wide intranet.

After graduating from college, I spent six months in the journalism world as a TV producer. I decided it wasn't for me, and I started looking for other jobs involving marketing or web development. I stumbled upon a Online Marketing Specialist job at my university and applied!

Before I knew it, I'd been working at the marketing job for a year. It was there that I learned Bootstrap - the second version; the one that was responsive. It really set the wheels in motion for me and helped me understand how a component-based front-end website should work.

After that, I spent four years at an ad agency building up a team from scratch. We built nearly 100 WordPress websites for clients of all sizes. And now, I'm a senior engineer at Vox Media where I focus on building revenue and publishing products that scale to millions of users.

When can I watch something new?

I'm glad you asked. Add your email below, and you'll be the first to know when I add new course material!